Corporate Social Responsibility is a self-regulatory business model which helps a company be socially accountable to itself, the public and towards the environment. Crazybrand Bazaar is a vigilant company working towards making business's better while simultaneously, making a contribution towards underprivileged children and the old aged citizens. Our NGO, Samvedhna, is closely connected with deaf & dumb schools, blind schools and provides them with all the things they require such as clothes, medical expenses, braille’s and other resources which supports them in living a fulfilling and nurtured life. Crazybrand Bazaar believes in the power children behold; of changing the world and making a difference. By doing our bid, we support their dreams and aspirations and enable them at every stage of life. About 13% of 103.9 million elderly citizens are abandoned or living alone. Crazybrand Bazaar believes in respecting the elderly and humanity. We believe in being of help to those who cannot help themselves. We allocate an amount of generous contribution towards the institutions who are genuinely working with all their heart to make the best of the lives of the old souls and not let them ever feel abandoned.

In 2019, we pledged to find every underprivileged child, man and woman and help them in extreme weather conditions, especially in winters, by providing them with hot beverages, food, warm blankets, warm clothes to cover their body and shoes to protect their feet. The main motive behind starting the Crazybrand Bazaar business was to empower start-ups, individuals, newcomers in the business industry and we shall never lose sight of that. We offer free of cost business consultation services to our regular clients, especially start-ups and offer newcomers in the business world, easy and affordable solutions to enhance their growth. Crazybrand Bazaar is responsible, aware and dedicated towards making a difference, even in a slightest way.

A small contribution often leads to dynamic revolutions.